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Ocean technologies' state-of-the-art product oct-90120ca is designed for multi-axis drilling on irregular shaped work pieces or special alloy steel parts. The flag-ship model runs on window xp embedded system and touch screen monitor, offering a powerful and user-friendly operation platform.

Machine Specs:

Table Travels (X, Y) 900 x 1200 mm
Z Axis Travel 1000 mm
W Axis Travel 350 mm
Max. diameter of Rotary table

Ø 750 mm

Max height of rotary table:

500 mm

Plate rotation of rotary table ±0.003°
Plate inclination of rotary table inclination angle -15°~105°, Accuracy ±0.003°
Max workpiece weight+tool assemble 250 kg
Power Input According to local voltage
Max. average current 32 Amps / (64 Amps optional)
Power capacity 85 KVA
Electrode diameter 0.1~3.0 mm / (3.1~6.3 mm optional)
Machine net weight 7000 kgs
Depth/Width/Height 2900 x 2865 x 2568 mm
River 3 Compact with Economic Drilling EDM

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Pioneering Design

Combined with Modern Technology
Generates the Ultimate in Accuracy


The compact efficient ZNC EDM Hole Driller allows for fully supporting heavy
work pieces up to 330 lbs.

  • Now for a limited time only $22,500

Machine Specs:

Work Table Size: 13.78” X 9.84”
Maximum Workpiece Weight: 330 lbs.
Table Travels (X, Y): 11.81” x 7.87”
Z Axis Travel: 13.8” (350mm)
W Axis Travel: 7.87” (200mm)
Maximum Height of Workpiece:

7.87” (200mm)

Recommended Electrode Size:

.008” - .118” (0.2mm-3.0mm)

Working Fluid: Deionized Water
Machine Weight: 1,320 Lbs.
Depth / Width / Height: 44” X 44” X 88”
River 3 Compact with Economic Drilling EDM
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Introducing The
  • 10 Sets working coordinates for setting.
  • 10 banks parameter setting data. Each set can save various machining parameters.
  • Parameter data condition can be fine adjusted.
  • Auto/Manual searching workpiece surface.
  • Auto/Manual electrode compensation function.
  • Metric/Inch conversion.
  • Display 3 axes or last machining value.
  • Flexible control box design.
OCT-3525ZA Driller EDM
OCT-3525ZA Driller EDM with Tilt Head
Tilt Head Available
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Portable Drilling EDM - Compact, Low Cost and Portable
Cut Costs! Generate More Profit!


  • Compact construction, easy mobility and low cost.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Good for drilling start holes for wire cut EDM.
  • Good for deep hole drilling on super hard alloy and powder metallurgical steel materials.
  • Designed for small, large and irregularly shaped material fine hole drilling.
  • Suitable for removing broken taps or drill bits.
OCT-0035 Driller EDM
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Advanced Design, Excellent Performance! Auto Tool Change (12 Tool) optional. Simple and Convenient. All axes use linear ways. Ideal for irregular-shape Drilling for Automotive Parts.

Machine Specs:

Table travel (X,Y axes) 600 x 400 mm
Work table size 600 x 400 mm
Z axis travel 400 mm
W axis travel 450 mm
Max. workpiece height 400 mm
Max. workpiece weight

800 kgs

Power input

According to local voltage

Max. average current 25 Amps
Power capacity 3.8 KVA
Electrode diameter 0.1 ~ 3.0mm
Machine net weight 900 kgs
Depth /Width / Height 1030 x 1630 x 1960 mm
River 3 Compact with Economic Drilling EDM
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