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EDM MAX SD-1000-Cnc

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  • Innovative 4 Side-Open Table

User can use the 4 sides of work table of the SD-1000-Cnc. 4 sides are open widely so that you can use a long type or wide type material such as big side press mould or big parts for turbin or ship







  • Optimized for Big Size Mould & Parts

SD-1000-Cnc is specifically designed to process big size mould.

The work table is low enough so that you can handle a big and heavy material safely by yourself wothout other's help.

The important thing is safety and you can work those big size moulds in a real safe way. 




  • Best for Drilling Nozzle

You can drill this kind of nozzle easily and perfectly with SD-1000-Cnc such as nozzles on the plastic mould those are long and thick.















Table Size (X x Y) 1,200mm x 668mm (GRANITE)
Travel Distance (X x Y x Z) 1,000 x 500 x 360mm (Head 640mm)
Working Space (X x Y x Z) 950 x 500 x 360mm
Max Weight of Material(Kg) 1,000Kg
Electrode Diameter (mm) 0.3 ~ 3.0mm (0.1~ or ~6.0 Option)
Electrode Length (mm) up to 700mm
Machine Weight (Kg) 1,700Kg
Dimension (W x D x H) 2,870 x 1,420 x 2,100(Max 2,500)mm
Install Space (W x D x H) 3,000 x 1,600 x 2,600mm
Required Power (KVA) 5KVA
Electrolyte Water/Oil(Option)
Auto Tool Change 15 Electrodes (Loop Available)
Water Tank Size (Liter) 130 Liters

2 raw Auto Tool Change 30 Electrodes
Auto Guide Change 4 Guides
Large hole Guide Plate Set for 3.1 ~ 6.0mm electrode
Large hole Collet Chuck for 3.1 ~ 6.0mm electrode
Power Booster Total 60A for Large diameter Drilling
Oil Circulation Use Oil for Electrolyte
1 Axis Indexer Make machine 5 Axes
2 Axis Indexer 2.0 Make machine 6 Axes
2 Axis Indexer 3.0 Make machine 6 Axes with more power

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