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EDM MAX SD-530-Cnc

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    • Wide Granite Table is installed

The travel distance of SD-530-Cnc is 550 x 300 x 360, however the Table size is 940 x 450mm. This will give more space to the operator.

Also, the table is made of precise Granite. 


    • Drills bigger that 3.0mm Holes

SD-530-Cnc is small, but if you want to drill bigger that 3.0mm holes, You can drill up to 3.0mm holes with default spec and also it is easy to drill up to 6.0mm with some options such as Power Booster and Big Size Guide Plate. 


Tables (X x Y)

550mm x 300mm

21.6" x 11.8"

W - Electrode Travel



Z - Guide Travel



Maximum Work Piece Size

550mm x 300mm

22" x 11.8"

Maximum Distance Table to Guide

90mm - 452mm

3.6" - 17.8"

Work Piece Weight


660 lbs.

Electrode Diameter

.3mm - 3.0mm (6.0mm opt.)


Maximum Electrode Length



Machine Weight


2200 lbs.

Machine Dimensions

1780 x 1480 x 2200

71" x 59" x 86.6"

Power Supply 60A
Automatic Electrode Charger (AEC) 11 opt.
Automatic Guide Changer (AGC) 4 opt.
Work Tank Size

130 liters

34 gal.

Power Input 220/3/60 6kVA


2 raw Auto Tool Change 28 Electrodes
Auto Guide Change 4 Guides(with 10/20 hole ATC)
Large Water Tank 130 Liter
Large hole Guide Plate Set for 3.1 ~ 6.0mm electrode
Large hole Collet Chuck for 3.1 ~ 6.0mm electrode
Power Booster Total 60A for Large diameter Drilling
Oil Circulation Use Oil for Electrolyte
1 Axis Indexer Make machine 5 Axes
2 Axis Indexer 2.0 Make machine 6 Axes
2 Axis Indexer 3.0 Make machine 6 Axes with more power

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