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About EDM Max

EDMMax is the exclusive North American importer and service provider for Hankook NSD. Hankook NSD is the largest EDM drill manufacturer in South Korea. Their customers include all the major South Korean manufacturers such as Samsung, Kia, LG and others.

Their Super Drills include:

  • Solid granite work tables for stability and long-term accuracy
  • Gantry style designs for handling heavy work pieces
  • Stepper motor drives and rotary encoder for precision location and accuracy
  • Windows Operating System
  • Standard Automatic Electrode Changer (AEC) and Guide Changer (AGC) on all models except the SD510
  • Small footprints
  • All include CE Safety
  • Standard tap water dielectric system with resin bottle and cartridge paper filtration
  • Optional 4-axis, 5-axis and tilt head options available
  • Direct USB input of dxf files as well as wire EDM programs to locate all the start holes (M20s)
  • On-site training included with all models

EDMMax also provides affordable wire EDMs for 3D cut-off applications as well as provides an affordable new wire EDM with taper capability for the limited EDM budget under $50,000.

In addition, we offer our Micro Blasters for cutting the wire and sinker EDM finishes, in half, in minutes instead of hours. Using exclusive 10-70 micron diameter ceramic balls, the EDM finish is quickly reduced in hardened tool steel and tungsten carbide in minutes.

Lastly, we offer Portable Tap Burners running on 110/1/60 for removing broken taps and bolts. These are available in various power supply versions of 800, 1200 and 3000 watts, depending on the tap or bolt diameters. All use inexpensive brass or copper electrodes and tap water.

EDMMax offers affordable EDM solutions for most EDM applications!

We provide “Everything in EDM.